SBARG 1.5: Lost Pawns

Welcome to the Lost Pawns official website!

Please note that this website is not viewable IC at all, no matter what place, time, plane, or realm. In case any characters find the url, they will get a 404 error. Even if they manage to get to "LoPaR" and someone else is accessing the website, they will only see a 404. That also counts for any files that are hotlinked from here.
(do note that I'm only explaining this because a certain iced over body of water likes to prevent the group from having nice things.)
Another note: The main jingloria website written in dingbats is not considered part of this one, so that one is completely fair game.

This site is always under construction. :b

Things to know as of now regarding memo use!!

As of 4/13/2017, we had opened up pesterchum memos once again! Again! As a reminder though, Forum/messageboard stuff is still active so we'll need to lay down some stuff to straighten things out.
Seth has successfully made time passively move forward in nearly all locations in Gene! Some places however might still run at a different pace than normal, if the event runner specifies as such.
There are two different modes of time. memo-mode and board-mode. Those with characters in board mode may move "slower", but their actions are clearly documented. For all intents and purposes, unless the event runner of the area decides to switch to full memo mode, time is essentially stopped in their area while they are chatting in a memo. They can only take actual area actions via posts in the correct thread. Otherwise, they can speak just fine... probably.
It is also possible to make threads for memo-mode areas, where things run more traditionally and actions can be taken relatively quicker, at the cost of making it clunky when going over to places still in board mode.

#The_Former_SBARG_Players is the name of the memo-style memo. This is where characters can chat to eachother regardless of location or timezone (or time period for that matter), as long as a computing device of some sort is usable by them. There may be some locations where memo access can be disabled during an event if so needed. Do note that logs are primarily collected by the handle shinyJiggly, secondarily collected by logBot. If that handle is not in the specified memo, ask around for another reliable regular to save the logs to be sent here for later archive. if logBot is online, it can be invited to a memo to automatically collect logs there.

Common Places Currently in causal memo mode:

#SBARGLostPawns_Hideout is no longer a location, due to Plot Reasons, which caused the meteor to fall apart. Any further occurence of the location is to be considered not the original, in whatever means is decided.

Another note:
if a location hasn't been opened yet and needs to be logged (which if there's participants, it should be), invite logBot to the memo to record the activity in that memo. If the logbot goes offline, please contact Powerkitten in order to get it back up.

Do note that when there is a switch to board mode, a link to the previous memo log for the area, as well as a summery of essential actions and changes brought about by the event should be posted for postarity. We need to archive this stuff!

Many locations however, if you can get the participants to post that they have left whichever board-mode area they were in, is fair game for full memo-mode.
As a reminder, the memo-style memo is always available regardless of mode. Have fun and don't be a jerk... within reason.