SBARG 1.5: Lost Pawns

Prelude: With Loss Comes Victory
Part 1: Seeking dreams
Part 2: Curtain call
Part 3: Everything Changes
Part 4: Song of ice and corn
Part 5: After the beacon

Prelude: With Loss Comes Victory

There was a tumblr blog ran by horrorterrors that appeared and began dispensing puzzles and locations. They distributed downloads to the game and thousands of players entered on The last day of September in 2012. The players barely had time to do anything before they were instructed to seek out their quest beds. It was then that Chronos, a corrupted timespace doubletier player from another session, asploded every singly land in his path. Those that were not saved by time players from the future got blown up. It was then that the majority of the players ascended via landsplosions.

They then had to complete the task of accumulating grist to save up for attacks against Chronos and his plans to create the universe "his original session" was based from. In the end, he had bred the frog, but it was soon destroyed, apparently by Lord English? (it is unknown if it was the legit Lord English or if it was just a really powerful guy in a costume. It tends to vary depending on who tells the story).

After that, the players were urged to take to the battlefield to fight off the contracted armies of Derse. They fought well, but it was but a ruse; a Distaction. While many of the players were fighting, a select few sought out the resetting device on Chronos's land: a massive hourglass buried in the sands. When they found it, it required a password. The password was a phrase they had been told near the beginning: "With Loss comes Victory". This happened on October 17th.

As the Hourglass made its way to Skaia, some attempted to flee. Many didn't make it out in time, but some did. Unfortunately, Chronos was one of the ones who made it out. He severely injured the horrorterrors, likely to the point of incapacitation, and made his daring escape. The Reset wiped out any who stayed within its bounds.